Commit 8df9aaf5 authored by dt's avatar dt
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Qt Creator didn't always find the ui files for SUBDIRS projects

In case no UIDIR was set, we always searched in the toplevel
buildDirectory instead of the buildDirectory conresponding to the actual
pro file.
parent 8c58a2b3
......@@ -754,7 +754,7 @@ void Qt4ProFileNode::updateUiFiles(const QString &buildDirectory)
const QList<FileNode*> uiFiles = uiFilesVisitor.uiFileNodes;
// Find the UiDir, there can only ever be one
QString uiDir = buildDirectory;
QString uiDir = buildDir();
QStringList tmp = m_varValues[UiDirVar];
if (tmp.size() != 0)
uiDir = tmp.first();
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