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Doc - Add information about installing Qt Mobility API libraries on Nokia N900.

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\section1 Installing Qt Mobility APIs
To develop applications that use the Qt Mobility APIs, you must install the
APIs on the devices. The APIs are not available in the Nokia N900 package
manager, and therefore, you must install them from the command line as the
root user. To become the root user you must first install \c rootsh from the
application manager.
\list 1
\o On the device, install \c rootsh from the \gui {Application Manager}.
\o In \gui Programs, select \c {X Terminal} to open a terminal window
\o To switch to the root user, enter the following command:
\c{sudo gainroot}
\o To install Qt Mobility libraries, enter the following command:
\c{apt-get install libqtm-*}
\o To confirm the installation, enter: \c Y.
\o Close the terminal.
\section1 Setting Up Network Connectivity on Development PC
Use the network configuration tools on your platform to specify the
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your device
\o The \e{qt_installer.sis} package installed on the device, that is
delivered with the Qt SDK.
\o Qt Mobility APIs installed on the device, if you use them in
To run your applications in the Symbian emulator, you also need
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