Commit 8e993e08 authored by Oswald Buddenhagen's avatar Oswald Buddenhagen
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fix one more raw data leak

again, qregexp was putting our raw string into its cache - this time
hidden behind a qdir::entrylist().

Reviewed-by: dt
Task-number: QTCREATORBUG-2758
parent f6cd8481
......@@ -3171,6 +3171,7 @@ QStringList ProFileEvaluator::absoluteFileValues(
QString wildcard = d->m_tmp2.setRawData(absEl.constData() + nameOff + 1,
absEl.length() - nameOff - 1);
if (wildcard.contains(QLatin1Char('*')) || wildcard.contains(QLatin1Char('?'))) {
wildcard.detach(); // Keep m_tmp out of QRegExp's cache
QDir theDir(absDir);
foreach (const QString &fn, theDir.entryList(QStringList(wildcard)))
if (fn != statics.strDot && fn != statics.strDotDot)
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