Commit 907ab960 authored by Jarek Kobus's avatar Jarek Kobus
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Fix broken go to slot

Currently we use new method provided by Roberto: Symbol::getStartPosition() - it gives us the position of the returned type of the function.
parent d9812ac3
......@@ -399,17 +399,17 @@ static void addDeclaration(const QString &docFileName, const Class *cl, const QS
if (const Declaration *decl = cl->memberAt(j)->asDeclaration())
if (const Function *fun = decl->type()->asFunctionType()) {
// we are only interested in declarations of methods.
// fun->column() returns always 0, what can cause trouble in case in one
// line if there is: "private slots: void foo();"
if (fun->isSlot() && fun->isPrivate()) {
const int line = fun->line(); // [1..n]
const int line = fun->line(); // this is the beginning of function name: "void ^foo(...)"
const int column = fun->column();
if (ITextEditable *editable = editableAt(docFileName, line, column)) {
// Figure out indentation (symbol - len("void ")) and insert after
editable->gotoLine(line + 1, 1);
unsigned dl, dc; // this position is the beginning of return value: "^void foo(...)"
decl->getStartPosition(&dl, &dc);
dc--; // if the first character in line is 'v' comming from "void" getStartPosition returns 1, not 0, so we always decrement it.
editable->gotoLine(dl, dc);
const QString indentation = QString(qMax(0, column - 6), QLatin1Char(' '));
editable->insert(indentation + declaration);
const QString indentation = QString(dc, QLatin1Char(' '));
editable->insert(declaration + indentation);
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