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Changelog: Update VCS changes

Mostly Git

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......@@ -91,6 +91,8 @@ Diff Viewer
Version Control Systems
* Fixed crash when reverting changes while commit editor is open (QTCREATORBUG-10190)
* Added VCS topic to window title
* Fixed that user was asked about adding file to VCS even if it already
was in VCS (QTCREATORBUG-2455)
* Git
* Added information about files with conflict when doing "git stash pop"
* Added action for opening "git gui"
......@@ -98,6 +100,16 @@ Version Control Systems
* Added support for setting remote tracking branch (QTCREATORBUG-8863)
* Added disambiguation of branch names (QTCREATORBUG-9700)
* Fixed updating of log view from branches dialog (QTCREATORBUG-9783)
* Added support for cherry-picking top commit from a branch
* Changed log to follow renames
* Fixed that author data was discarded when commit window lost focus
* Added support for "git reflog"
* Added list of branches to header when showing commits
* Fixed that cloning showed progress messages only after the
operation was done (QTCREATORBUG-6565)
* Added support for recursive clone
* Added support for staging and unstaging chunks in unified diff editor (QTCREATORBUG-5875)
* Fixed "Blame <commit>" and "Blame Parent" for renamed files
* ClearCase
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