Commit 9364f64f authored by Tobias Hunger's avatar Tobias Hunger
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Git: Use default encoding for git-branch output

I see no reason why that should require source encoding.

Change-Id: Idd7103f09fd66f0363f8e58e04a8abdb183f74ca
Reviewed-by: default avatarOrgad Shaneh <>
parent b6608d0d
......@@ -562,13 +562,6 @@ static inline QString msgCannotLaunch(const QString &binary)
return GitClient::tr("Cannot launch \"%1\".").arg(QDir::toNativeSeparators(binary));
static inline QString currentDocumentPath()
if (IDocument *document= EditorManager::currentDocument())
return document->filePath().toFileInfo().path();
return QString();
static inline void msgCannotRun(const QString &message, QString *errorMessage)
if (errorMessage)
......@@ -1490,7 +1483,6 @@ void GitClient::branchesForCommit(const QString &revision)
auto controller = qobject_cast<DiffEditorController *>(sender());
QString workingDirectory = controller->baseDirectory();
auto command = new VcsCommand(vcsBinary(), workingDirectory, processEnvironment());
command->setCodec(codecFor(CodecSource, currentDocumentPath()));
connect(command, &VcsCommand::output, controller,
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