Commit 93876009 authored by hjk's avatar hjk
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debugger: fallback for assembler listing in the presence of bad debug info

parent 5f8f61bb
......@@ -3513,8 +3513,19 @@ void GdbEngine::handleFetchDisassemblerByLine(const GdbResponse &response)
else if (lines.children().size() == 1
&& lines.childAt(0).findChild("line").data() == "0")
fetchDisassemblerByAddress(ac.agent, true);
else {
QString contents = parseDisassembler(lines);
if (ac.agent->contentsCoversAddress(contents)) {
// All is well.
} else {
// Can happen e.g. for initializer list on symbian/rvct where
// we get a file name and line number but where the 'fully
// disassembled function' does not cover the code in the
// initializer list. Fall back needed:
fetchDisassemblerByAddress(ac.agent, true);
} else {
// 536^error,msg="mi_cmd_disassemble: Invalid line number"
QByteArray msg ="msg").data();
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