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Doc: GLSL shader wizards

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\o C++ class, source, or header files
\o GLSL files that define fragment and vertex shaders in the Open GL/ES
2.0 Shading Language (GLSL/ES) or in the Desktop OpenGL Shading
Language (GLSL)
\o Text files
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You can create your own project and class wizards. For more information,
see \l{Adding New Custom Wizards}.
\section2 Creating OpenGL Fragment and Vertex Shaders
Qt provides support for integration with OpenGL implementations on all
platforms, which allows you to display hardware accelerated 3D graphics
alongside a more conventional user interface. For more information, see
\l{}{QtOpenGL Module}.
You can use the QGLShader class to compile OpenGL shaders written in the
OpenGL Shading Language (GLSL) and in the OpenGL/ES Shading Language
(GLSL/ES). QGLShader and QGLShaderProgram shelter you from the details of
compiling and linking vertex and fragment shaders.
You can use Qt Creator code editor to write fragment and vertex shaders
in GLSL or GLSL/ES. The code editor provides syntax highlighting and code
completion for the files.
\image qtcreator-new-opengl-file.png "New OpenGL file wizard"
\section2 Displaying Additional File Types in Projects Pane
Qt Creator determines whether to display files from the project folder
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