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Remove the "grab system language" hack for the Mac.

It's now fixed in Qt, adb6eea3a135707a220c0b1c1cf8266321af9309.
parent 1be85e1a
......@@ -81,5 +81,10 @@ Wizards
* Added a wizard for Qt Designer custom widgets
* Added a gitorious clone wizard
Platform Specific
* Make use of system's language settings
Additional credits go to:
* Christian Hoenig (Locator filter for symbols in current document)
......@@ -231,22 +231,6 @@ int main(int argc, char **argv)
QTranslator translator;
QTranslator qtTranslator;
QString locale = QLocale::system().name();
#ifdef Q_OS_MAC
// because QLocale's system locale is basically useless on the Mac.
// Try to get the real system setting via core foundation
CFArrayRef languages = (CFArrayRef)CFPreferencesCopyValue(
// CFShow(languages);
if (CFArrayGetCount(languages) > 0) {
QString preferredLanguage = stringFromCFString(CFStringRef(CFArrayGetValueAtIndex(languages, 0)));
if (!preferredLanguage.isEmpty())
locale = preferredLanguage;
const QString &creatorTrPath = QCoreApplication::applicationDirPath()
+ QLatin1String(SHARE_PATH "/translations");
if (translator.load(QLatin1String("qtcreator_") + locale, creatorTrPath)) {
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