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Start on a changes file for 1.3.1

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The QtCreator 1.3.1 release is a bug fix release.
Below is a list of relevant changes. You can find a complete list of changes
within the logs of Qt Creator's sources. Simply check it out from the public git
repository e.g.,
git clone git://
git log --cherry-pick --pretty=oneline v1.3.0...v1.3.1
* Updated translations
* Fixed drawing issues when line wrap is enabled
* Fixed problem with indentation when auto-indent is turned off
C++ Support
* Don't show the refactoring warning message all the time
* Insert semicolon when matching enum declarations
* Fixed function argument widget text color in dark themes
* Fixed that inline implemented methods did not show up in the methods filter
* Fixed in-place renaming when text is selected
* Fixed autoindent when using tabs instead of spaces
* Fixed completion when a typedef symbol is used as class name
* Fixed that template argument was marked as "not a type name" when defined as primitive type
* Fixed some highlight errors in code using the win32 API
Project support
* Fixed that run configurations were disabled if they had no build step
* CDB: Fixed disassembler for 64 bit addresses
* Fixed finding the file for build issues when mingw32-make is used
* Ignore case of file name in breakpoint handling on Windows
* Don't switch to Help mode if help side bar is already visible
Platform Specific
* Couldn't set "/usr/bin/qmake-4.6" or "/Developer/Tools/Qt/qmake" for Qt
Symbian Target
* Fixed the time stamp of deployed files
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