Commit 97b4bcfa authored by Daniel Teske's avatar Daniel Teske
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ProjectExplorer: On shutdown, delete runcontrols before singnaling done.

Change-Id: I6860465e575b6751d804304377c16a513c24f20d

Reviewed-by: default avatarQt Sanity Bot <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarKai Koehne <>
parent 85a1841f
......@@ -301,7 +301,7 @@ void AppOutputPane::createNewOutputWindow(RunControl *rc)
connect(rc, SIGNAL(started()),
this, SLOT(runControlStarted()));
connect(rc, SIGNAL(finished()),
this, SLOT(runControlFinished()));
this, SLOT(runControlFinished()), Qt::QueuedConnection);
connect(rc, SIGNAL(applicationProcessHandleChanged()),
this, SLOT(enableButtons()));
connect(rc, SIGNAL(appendMessage(ProjectExplorer::RunControl*,QString,Utils::OutputFormat)),
......@@ -452,11 +452,7 @@ bool AppOutputPane::closeTab(int tabIndex, CloseTabMode closeTabMode)
if (tab.asyncClosing) { // We were invoked from its finished() signal.
} else {
delete tab.runControl;
delete tab.runControl;
delete tab.window;
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