Commit 97bfe3a5 authored by Eike Ziller's avatar Eike Ziller
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Help: Remove hack for example documentation

The code for opening examples nowadays explicitly changes to edit mode
before opening the example documentation, so we do not need to do that
hack here anymore.

Change-Id: I536784fdc0def8916c14f6df1bb7e50d11aff164
Reviewed-by: default avatarKarsten Heimrich <>
parent 0d430360
...@@ -684,10 +684,6 @@ void HelpPlugin::setupHelpEngineIfNeeded() ...@@ -684,10 +684,6 @@ void HelpPlugin::setupHelpEngineIfNeeded()
HelpViewer *HelpPlugin::viewerForContextMode() HelpViewer *HelpPlugin::viewerForContextMode()
{ {
// TODO this is a hack for opening examples
if (ModeManager::currentMode()->id() == Core::Constants::MODE_WELCOME)
bool showSideBySide = false; bool showSideBySide = false;
RightPanePlaceHolder *placeHolder = RightPanePlaceHolder::current(); RightPanePlaceHolder *placeHolder = RightPanePlaceHolder::current();
switch (contextHelpOption()) { switch (contextHelpOption()) {
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