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Add my changes so far.

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......@@ -17,7 +17,8 @@ General
* Improved the general resizing behavior for small screen sizes
* Fixed a crash in the RSS reader that sometimes causes Qt Creator to crash
on startup
* Reworked the projects pane
* Added support for text editor color schemes
* Added highlighting of uses of the symbol under the cursor
......@@ -28,10 +29,21 @@ Editing
* Fixed searching in files to take open documents into account
* Added a Locator filter for symbols in the current document
* Handle block selection in fakevim
* Add Copy full path to the editors combobox.
Project support
* Added support for adding and removing files from a generic Makefile-based
project (contributed by Kevin Michel)
* Added better control over the environment used for running.
* Add all cmake files to the project tree. (Only works with a cvs cmake.)
* Support cmake with Microsoft Visual Studio Compiler (Only works with cvs
* Fix a few cmake wizard bugs, where canceling left creator in a strange
* The qmake and make steps can now be removed.
* The qmake step is a lot smarter and tries harder to not run
* By default projects using the Microsoft Visual Studio toolchain use jom
instead of nmake, for better utilization of all processors.
* Support distributed compilation on Windows/MSVC via jom
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