Commit 9902ed2b authored by Christian Kamm's avatar Christian Kamm
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QmlJS tooltips: Avoid unhelpful tooltips.

Saying 'unknown' or 'undefined' isn't very useful.

Change-Id: I130013a8f025ebc5eb984358f269fdf8a23aae92
Reviewed-by: default avatarRoberto Raggi <>
parent d48087d1
......@@ -305,10 +305,11 @@ void HoverHandler::prettyPrintTooltip(const QmlJS::Value *value,
if (toolTip().isEmpty()) {
QString typeId = context->valueOwner()->typeId(value);
if (typeId != QLatin1String("undefined"))
if (!value->asUndefinedValue() && !value->asUnknownValue()) {
const QString typeId = context->valueOwner()->typeId(value);
// if node refers to a property, its name and defining object are returned - otherwise zero
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