Commit 9a27b73d authored by Orgad Shaneh's avatar Orgad Shaneh Committed by Orgad Shaneh
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Git: Show success message on rebase --continue

Change-Id: Id9f3bc7fc04831d47e17948891e34bdba768a170
Reviewed-by: default avatarAndré Hartmann <>
parent ec944fed
......@@ -2984,6 +2984,7 @@ VcsCommand *GitClient::vcsExecAbortable(const QString &workingDirectory,
// Git might request an editor, so this must be done asynchronously and without timeout
VcsCommand *command = createCommand(workingDirectory, 0, VcsWindowOutputBind);
command->addJob(vcsBinary(), arguments, 0);
ConflictHandler::attachToCommand(command, abortCommand);
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