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Add change log for 3.6

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Qt Creator version 3.6 contains bug fixes and new features.
The most important changes are listed in this document. For a complete
list of changes, see the Git log for the Qt Creator sources that
you can check out from the public Git repository. For example:
git clone git://
git log --cherry-pick --pretty=oneline origin/3.5..origin/3.6
* Added text zoom in application and compile output (QTCREATORBUG-12476)
* Fixed that context help was shown for current keyboard focus widget, even when
a tool tip with help icon was visible (QTCREATORBUG-5345)
* Added experimental editor for UML-like diagrams (`ModelEditor` plugin)
* Made it possible to use Qt Creator variables in snippets
* Fixed indentation in block selection mode (QTCREATORBUG-12697)
* Fixed that Qt Creator tried to write auto-save files in read-only
* Fixed possible crash with code completion (QTCREATORBUG-14875)
Project Management
* Added actions for building without dependencies and for rebuilding
and cleaning with dependencies to context menu of project tree
* Added option to synchronize kits between all projects in a session
QMake Projects
* Changed project display names to be `QMAKE_PROJECT_NAME` if set
* Fixed that `.pri` files were shown in flat list instead of tree
* Fixed that `QMAKE_EXT_H` was ignored for UI code model (QTCREATORBUG-14910)
* Fixed that `make` build step was not updated on environment changes
CMake Projects
* Improved handling of projects with CMake errors (QTCREATORBUG-6903)
* Added option for `Debug`, `Release`, `ReleaseWithDebugInfo` and
`MinSizeRelease` build types (QTCREATORBUG-12219)
* Added auto-indent and parentheses and quote matching to CMake editor
C++ Support
* Added support for `noexcept`
* Clang code model
* Added diagnostic messages to editors
* Added Clang's Fix-its to refactoring actions (QTCREATORBUG-14868)
* Made sub-registers editable
* Fixed breakpoint removal from disassembler view (QTCREATORBUG-14973)
* Fixed auto-detection of CDB from Windows 10 Kits
* Fixed handling of large registers
* QML/JS Console
* Implemented lazy loading of sub-items
* Improved error reporting
* Improved diagnostics view to use tree view instead of list
QML Profiler
* Improved performance of timeline view (QTCREATORBUG-14983)
Qt Quick Designer
* Made Qt Quick Designer aware of QRC files in project
* Improved selection behavior with regard to z-order in form editor
* Added `Go to Implementation` action from `.ui.qml` file to its
associated `.qml` file
* Added connection editor and path editor
Version Control Systems
* Subversion
* Fixed encoding issues for commit message (QTCREATORBUG-14965)
* Perforce
* Fixed showing differences of files in submit editor when using
* Added option to show TODOs only for current sub-project
Platform Specific
* Fixed detection of `cygwin` ABIs
* Added option for file system case-sensitivity and made it case-insensitive by
default (QTCREATORBUG-13507)
* Added option to set `DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH` and `DYLD_FRAMEWORK_PATH` in
run configurations (QTCREATORBUG-14022)
* Fixed that QML syntax errors where not clickable in application output
* Fixed deployment on devices without `readlink` (QTCREATORBUG-15006)
* Fixed debugging of signed applications (requires Qt 5.6) (QTCREATORBUG-13035)
* Improved error messages for deployment
Remote Linux
* Added support for ECDSA public keys with 384 and 521 bits,
ECDSA user keys, and ECDSA key creation
* Fixed environment and working directory for Valgrind analyzer
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