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Doc: excluding files from scanning in To-Do Settings

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To determine whether the keywords in the whole project or in the current
file are displayed by default, select \uicontrol {Scanning scope}.
To exclude files from scanning, select \uicontrol {To-Do Settings} in the
\uicontrol Projects mode. Select \uicontrol Add and enter a regular
expression that matches the path to files to exclude. Use a forward slash
(/) as a separator in the path also on Windows.
The Todo plugin is disabled by default. To enable the plugin, select
\uicontrol Help > \uicontrol {About Plugins} > \uicontrol Utilities >
\uicontrol Todo and restart
......@@ -91,6 +91,8 @@
\li \l{Using Clang Static Analyzer}{Clang Static Analyzer Settings}
(commercial only)
\li \l{To-Do List}{To-Do Settings} (experimental)
Use the \uicontrol Build and \uicontrol Run buttons to switch between the build and
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