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Doc: Bare Metal Devices plugin

This topic needs more information about the
necessary Qt version and the "fake Qt" mentioned.
Also, I cannot try this in practice myself, so
steps might be missing.

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\title Connecting Android Devices
** Copyright (c) 2013 Digia Plc and/or its subsidiary(-ies).
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\contentspage index.html
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\page creator-developing-baremetal.html
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\title Connecting Bare Metal Devices
You can connect bare metal devices to a development host to run and debug
applications on them from \QC using GDB or a hardware debugger. This enables
you to debug on small devices that are not supported by the generic remote
Linux device plugin. However, if the device does not have Qt libraries, you
need a fake Qt installation.
Currently, you must use qmake to generate Makefiles for building the
The bare metal device type accepts custom GDB commands that you specify in
the device options.
\image creator-baremetal-device.png "Bare Metal Device options"
To connect bare metal devices:
\list 1
\li Select \gui Help > \gui {About Plugins} > \gui {Device Support} >
\gui {Bare Metal} to enable the Bare Metal Device plugin.
\li Restart \QC to be able to use the plugin.
\li Select \gui Tools > \gui Options > \gui Devices > \gui Add >
\gui {Bare Metal Device} > \gui {Start Wizard}.
\li In the \gui {GDB host} and \gui {GDB port} fields, specify the host
name and port number to access the GDB server or hardware debugger.
\li In the \gui {GDB commands} fields, specify custom commands for the
GDB server or hardware debugger.
\li To specify build settings:
\list 1
\li Open a project for an application you want to develop for the
\li Select \gui Projects > \gui {Build & Run} > \gui {Add Kit} to
add a kit for building and running applications on bare metal
\image creator-baremetal-kits.png "Bare Metal Device kits"
\li Select \gui Run to specify run settings.
Usually, you can use the default settings.
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2.3.3, or later. You must install the Qt for Android SDK to develop
for Android devices.
\li \l{Connecting Bare Metal Devices}
You can connect bare metal devices to the development PC and use \QC
to debug applications on them with GDB or a hardware debugger.
\li \l{Connecting BlackBerry 10 Devices}
\QC enables you to develop, deploy and debug your Qt applications
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\contentspage index.html
\previouspage creator-developing-android.html
\previouspage creator-developing-baremetal.html
\page creator-developing-bb10.html
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\contentspage{index.html}{Qt Creator}
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\title Qt Creator Manual
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\li \l{Connecting Mobile Devices}
\li \l{Connecting Android Devices}
\li \l{Connecting Bare Metal Devices}
\li \l{Connecting BlackBerry 10 Devices}
\li \l{Connecting Embedded Linux Devices}
\li \l{Connecting iOS Devices}
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