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Doc: Adding qt: Integrate Blackberry section into the normal setup

There's just one difference for adding a Blackberry qt version, that
doesn't require a duplication of everything else to explain.

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necessary, because the internal data structures of Qt can
change between versions. For more information, see
\l{Using Debugging Helpers}.
\li If the Qt version is for Blackberry or QNX, enter the path
to your installed Blackberry NDK or QNX SDK in the
\gui {Blackberry Native SDK} or \gui{QNX SDK} field respectively.
\include qnx/creator-projects-qt-version-qnx.qdocinc
\section2 Setting Up Qt for QNX Versions
If you install Qt for QNX as a part of Qt Playbook SDK, it is automatically
detected by \QC. The \gui {BlackBerry Native SDK} field displays the path to the directory where
the Blackberry NDK is located.
To view Qt for QNX version settings, select \gui {Tools > Options >
Build & Run > Qt Versions}.
\image qtcreator-qt4-qtversions-win-qnx.png
If you have built your own version of Qt for QNX or BlackBerry you need to
add this manually to Qt Creator using the above dialog:
\list 1
\li Select \gui {Tools > Options > Build & Run > Qt Versions > Add}.
\li Navigate to and select the qmake application that is part of your Qt for QNX build and select
\gui {Open}.
\li In the \gui {Blackberry Native SDK} or \gui{QNX SDK} field enter the path to your installed Blackberry NDK or QNX SDK respectively.
\li Select \gui {OK}.
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