Commit a1760fc8 authored by dt's avatar dt
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Fix lots of QFileSystemWarnings about empty lists

Also only watch folders not files.
That also removes files that are directly listed in INSTALLS /
DEPLOYMENT, I'll readd them in a later commit.
parent 91ec3dd5
......@@ -557,11 +557,12 @@ void Qt4PriFileNode::update(ProFile *includeFileExact, ProFileReader *readerExac
folders[i] = projectDir + "/" +;
// Remove non existing items
// Remove non existing items and non folders
// todo fix files in INSTALL rules
QStringList::iterator it = folders.begin();
while (it != folders.end()) {
QFileInfo fi(*it);
if (!fi.exists())
if (!fi.exists() || !fi.isDir())
it = folders.erase(it);
......@@ -1184,6 +1184,7 @@ void CentralizedFolderWatcher::watchFolders(const QList<QString> &folders, Qt4Pr
// Support for recursive watching
// we add the recursive directories we find
QSet<QString> tmp = recursiveDirs(folder);
if (!tmp.isEmpty())
m_recursiveWatchedFolders += tmp;
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