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......@@ -26,12 +26,53 @@ Project Support
- this affects working directories and executable paths as well
* Reworked global architecture to allow multiple debugging sessions (for
different projects, combined Qml/C++ debugging, project 'snapshots', ...)
* Reworked breakpoint handling: new special breakpoint types for "break
on throw", "break on main", data breakpoints.
* Introduce combined c++/qml debugging (combined stack, cross-step)
* Rework per-type and per-item selection of display formats
* New dumpers for QTextCursor, QTextDocument, __m128, QScriptValue
QBasicAtomicPointer, bit fields, boost::shared_ptr
* Improve dumpers for QRegion, QVariant (custom types), QSharedPointer,
QMultiMap (QTCREATORBUG-3122), QObject, QWeakPointer
* Make alphabetic structure member sorting optional
* Make dumpers robust in case of missing debug information
* Improve python dumper profiling support
* Improve stepping performance
* Enable breakpoint setting from a disassembler view, QTCREATORBUG-3667
* Fix display of shadowed variables.
* Fix display of data containing quoote characters, QTCREATORBUG-3084
* Fix display of C style 'typedef struct X { ... } X;
* Fix stack/break view updates after manual module loading, QTCREATORBUG-3427
* Fix 'Jump To/Run to' when in instruction-wise mode
* Several fixed to the "watcher" handling
* Allow re-running debugger engines, QTCREATORBUG-3073
* Robust process control after -exec-interrupt errors, QTCREATORBUG-2850
* Robust detection of Qt-in-namespace builds
* Handle "live updates" in the memory view
* Make memory view writable
* Improve starting debugger session directly from the command line
* Visualize data differences after updates
* Fix selection if cursor is left of anchor
* Allow copying also if selection is "backwards"
* Do not draw blinking cursor when there is a selection
QML/JS Support
* Gui cosmetics in JS debugger: Show stack frame level, only valid
line numbers in stack view, do not show function code, show dummy
child entry for empty arrays
* Implement Ctrl-N/Ctrl-P
* Implement 's' in visual block mode
* Fix Alt-Gr handling on Windows
* Handle more Ctrl-W + <x> commands
Platform Specific
......@@ -53,6 +94,13 @@ Version control plugins
* Support new keywords %MONTH% and %DAY% for C++ template file
* Create infrastructure to setup "soft dependencies" between plugins
* Add a little tool 'qtpromaker' doing the job of 'qmake -project', but
much faster to make Qt Creator usable to quickly inspect and navigate
"alien" codebases a way to easily set up dummy .pro files is needed.
* Start documenting Qt Creator's coding style guidelines
Additional credits go to:
* The Inkpot color scheme was based on the Vim color scheme by
Ciaran McCreesh, adapted for Qt Creator by Jan Kundrát and
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