Commit a24ac12a authored by Alessandro Portale's avatar Alessandro Portale
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Fix link error of qmlobserver by adjusting build order

After qmljsdebugger was moved to share/, the build order of
qmlobserver and qmljsdebugger had to be re-adjusted.

Reviewed-By: Lasse Holmstedt
parent 0c77b216
TEMPLATE = subdirs
SUBDIRS = qtcreator/ \
contains(QT_CONFIG, declarative) {
exists($${QT_PRIVATE_HEADERS}/QtDeclarative/private/qdeclarativemetatype_p.h) {
SUBDIRS += qtcreator/qmljsdebugger
} else {
warning("QmlJSDebugger library has been disabled")
warning("This library enables extended debugging features that work together with the QML JS Inspector.")
warning("To enable it, pass 'QT_PRIVATE_HEADERS=$QTDIR/include' to qmake, where $QTDIR is the source directory of qt.")
......@@ -4,7 +4,8 @@ contains(QT_CONFIG, declarative) {
exists($${QT_PRIVATE_HEADERS}/QtDeclarative/private/qdeclarativemetatype_p.h) {
SUBDIRS += qmldump qmlobserver
SUBDIRS += qmldump ../../../share/qtcreator/qmljsdebugger qmlobserver
CONFIG += ordered
} else {
warning("QmlDump utility has been disabled")
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