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Remove outdated submission process, and instead point to Qt website

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......@@ -41,27 +41,7 @@ that you:
\section1 Submitting Code
Send your contributions to
It is implicitly understood that all patches contributed to The Qt Creator
Project are made under under the Gnu General Public License, version 2 or later
and currently we require that you sign a copyright assignment form. We are
working on a better solution.
If you have a problem with that, don't contribute code.
Also please don't just pop up out of the blue with a huge patch (or
small) that changes something substantial in Qt Creator. Always discuss your
ideas with the other developers on mailing list first.
When you create the patch, please use git or use "diff -up" since we find
that a lot easier to read than the other diff formats. Also please do not
send patches that implement or fixes several different things; several
patches is a much better option. Or send as your a url to pull from.
We also require you to provide a commit message entry with every patch,
that describes in detail what the patch is doing.
\section1 Code Constructs
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