Commit a2cc8419 authored by Oswald Buddenhagen's avatar Oswald Buddenhagen
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remove dead code

parent 7782e26a
......@@ -1305,19 +1305,6 @@ void GdbEngine::handleShowVersion(const GdbResponse &response)
void GdbEngine::handleFileExecAndSymbols(const GdbResponse &response)
if (response.resultClass == GdbResultDone) {
} else {
QString msg = __("msg").data());
showMessageBox(QMessageBox::Critical, tr("Starting executable failed"), msg);
QTC_ASSERT(state() == InferiorRunning, /**/);
void GdbEngine::handleExecContinue(const GdbResponse &response)
if (response.resultClass == GdbResultRunning) {
......@@ -258,20 +258,16 @@ private slots:
int terminationIndex(const QByteArray &buffer, int &length);
void handleResponse(const QByteArray &buff);
void handleStart(const GdbResponse &response);
void handleStopResponse(const GdbMi &data);
void handleStop1(const GdbResponse &response);
void handleStop1(const GdbMi &data);
void handleStop2(const GdbResponse &response);
void handleStop2(const GdbMi &data);
void handleResultRecord(const GdbResponse &response);
void handleFileExecAndSymbols(const GdbResponse &response);
void handleExecContinue(const GdbResponse &response);
void handleExecJumpToLine(const GdbResponse &response);
// void handleExecRunToFunction(const GdbResponse &response);
void handleInfoShared(const GdbResponse &response);
void handleShowVersion(const GdbResponse &response);
void handleQueryPwd(const GdbResponse &response);
void handleQuerySources(const GdbResponse &response);
void handleWatchPoint(const GdbResponse &response);
bool showToolTip();
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