Commit a39d7e8d authored by Michael Karcher's avatar Michael Karcher Committed by dt
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Fix test for debug_and_release_target

This is a fix for a446491a

The option debug_and_release determines whether the debug/ and release/
subdirectories are used to put *object* files there. The option
debug_and_release_target is used to put the final taget into debug/
and release/ directories.

Merge-request: 745
Reviewed-by: default avatardt <>
parent eeafec83
......@@ -592,7 +592,7 @@ void Qt4RunConfiguration::updateTarget()
} else {
//qDebug()<<"reader didn't contain DESTDIR, setting to "<<baseDir;
m_workingDir = baseDir;
if (reader->values("CONFIG").contains("debug_and_release")) {
if (reader->values("CONFIG").contains("debug_and_release_target")) {
QString qmakeBuildConfig = "release";
if (projectBuildConfiguration & QtVersion::DebugBuild)
qmakeBuildConfig = "debug";
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