Commit a4d27bf5 authored by Daniel Teske's avatar Daniel Teske
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MsvcToolChain: Drop support for msvc 2005

I'm pretty sure it didn't work anyway. Version contains a full version
string, e.g. 7.1.7600.0.30514.

Change-Id: Iffaf0b685a2c94e16be00c920b85ab8df3f3e729
Reviewed-by: default avatarTobias Hunger <>
parent 15504d4d
......@@ -105,12 +105,8 @@ static Abi findAbiOfMsvc(MsvcToolChain::Type type, MsvcToolChain::Platform platf
if (type == MsvcToolChain::WindowsSDK) {
if (version.startsWith(QLatin1String("7.")))
msvcVersionString = QLatin1String("10.0");
else if (version.startsWith(QLatin1String("6.1"))
|| (version.startsWith(QLatin1String("6.0")) && version != QLatin1String("6.0")))
// The 6.0 SDK is shipping MSVC2005, Starting at 6.0a it is MSVC2008.
else if (version.startsWith(QLatin1String("6.")))
msvcVersionString = QLatin1String("9.0");
msvcVersionString = QLatin1String("8.0");
if (msvcVersionString.startsWith(QLatin1String("11.")))
flavor = Abi::WindowsMsvc2012Flavor;
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