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Doc: Describe VCS options that are common to most systems

For most systems, you can specify the path to the executable,
user credentials, timeout, and log size. Describe these options
in the overview topic to avoid having to copy the text to all
VCS specific topics.

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\QC uses the version control system's command line clients to access your
repositories. To allow access, make sure that the command line clients can
be located using the \c{PATH} environment variable or specify the path to
the command line client executables in \uicontrol{Tools} > \uicontrol{Options} >
\uicontrol {Version Control}.
be located using the \c{PATH} environment variable. Alternatively, specify
the path to the command line client executable in the \uicontrol Command
field in the version control system specific tab in \uicontrol Tools >
\uicontrol Options > \uicontrol {Version Control}.
If authentication is required to access the repository, enter the user
credentials in the \uicontrol Username and \uicontrol Password fields.
Enter a timeout for version control operations in the \uicontrol Timeout
For some version control systems, you can specify the maximum number of
lines the log can contain in the \uicontrol {Log count} field.
After you set up the version control system, use the command line to check
that everything works (for example, use the status command). If no issues
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