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Doc: Update info on general VCS options

A checkbox and a button have been added and a field has been

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......@@ -98,6 +98,9 @@
\li \uicontrol{Wrap submit messages at} limits the line length of a
submit message to the specified number of characters.
\li \uicontrol{Submit message check script} is a script or program that
can be used to perform checks on the submit message before
submitting. The submit message is passed in as the script's first
......@@ -140,10 +143,9 @@
For example, \c ssh-askpass or \c x11-ssh-askpass, depending on the
ssh-askpass implementation that you use.
\li \uicontrol {Patch command} specifies the path to the patch utility that is
used to apply changes in the format used to represent the diff
output. The \uicontrol Revert command uses the patch utility to revert
partial changes.
\li \uicontrol {Reset VCS Cache} resets the version control system
configuration to a state known to \QC after it has been changed
from the command line, for example.
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