Commit a5543b89 authored by Aurindam Jana's avatar Aurindam Jana
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QmlV8DebuggerClient: Show exception info in console.

Exception Information is printed in QML Script Console if
breakpoint of type "Break when JavaScript exception is thrown"
is enabled.

Change-Id: I9bc5839ba7b7019682e03cc5d71ae6e44e23f63a
Reviewed-by: default avatarKai Koehne <>
parent 0112be96
......@@ -1567,6 +1567,10 @@ void QmlV8DebuggerClient::highlightExceptionCode(int lineNumber,
ed->setExtraSelections(TextEditor::BaseTextEditorWidget::DebuggerExceptionSelection, selections);
QString message = QString(_("%1: %2: %3")).arg(filePath).arg(lineNumber)
d->engine->showMessage(message, ScriptConsoleOutput);
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