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Qt Creator comes fully integrated with Qt documentation and
examples using the Qt Help plugin.
\o To view documentation, switch to \gui Help mode.
\o To obtain context sensitive help, move the text cursor to a Qt class
or function and press \key F1. The documentation is displayed in a
pane next to the code editor, or, if there is not enough vertical
space, in the fullscreen \gui Help mode.
\image qtcreator-context-sensitive-help.png
\o To select and configure how the documentation is displayed in the
\gui Help mode, select \gui Tools > \gui Options... > \gui Help.
The following image displays the \gui Search pane in the \gui Help mode.
\image qtcreator-help-search.png
The following image displays the context sensitive help in the \gui Edit
\image qtcreator-context-sensitive-help.png
\section1 Finding Information in Qt Documentation
Qt Creator, \QSDK and other Qt deliverables contain documentation
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