Commit a9f58861 authored by hjk's avatar hjk
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Debugger: Enable dumping of GCC/STL with STL with -D_GLIBCXX_DEBUG

vector, list, map, stack, deque

Task-number: QTCREATORBUG-8833
Change-Id: Iecf47ee3ff6fcab14710008c8be231deddc580f5
Reviewed-by: default avatarhjk <>
parent 4a28da1e
......@@ -2071,6 +2071,9 @@ def qdump__std__deque(d, value):
plast = pfirst + bufsize
pcur = pfirst
def qdump__std____debug__deque(d, value):
qdump__std__deque(d, value)
def qdump__std__list(d, value):
impl = value["_M_impl"]
......@@ -2094,6 +2097,8 @@ def qdump__std__list(d, value):
d.putSubItem(i, (p + 1).cast(innerPointer).dereference())
p = p["_M_next"]
def qdump__std____debug__list(d, value):
qdump__std__list(d, value)
def qform__std__map():
return mapForms()
......@@ -2154,6 +2159,8 @@ def qdump__std__map(d, value):
while not isNull(node["_M_left"]):
node = node["_M_left"]
def qdump__std____debug__map(d, value):
qdump__std__map(d, value)
def stdTreeIteratorHelper(d, value):
pnode = value["_M_node"]
......@@ -2230,6 +2237,8 @@ def qdump__std__set(d, value):
def qdump__std__stack(d, value):
qdump__std__deque(d, value["c"])
def qdump__std____debug__stack(d, value):
qdump__std__stack(d, value)
def qform__std__string():
return "Inline,In Separate Window"
......@@ -2367,6 +2376,8 @@ def qdump__std__vector(d, value):
d.putArrayData(type, start, size)
def qdump__std____debug__vector(d, value):
qdump__std__vector(d, value)
def qedit__std__string(expr, value):
cmd = "print (%s).assign(\"%s\")" % (expr, value)
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