Commit aa903b63 authored by con's avatar con
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Fix crash in editor manager.

parent bc0568ba
......@@ -963,7 +963,8 @@ Core::IEditor *EditorManager::placeEditor(Core::Internal::EditorView *view, Core
void EditorManager::activateEditor(Core::IEditor *editor, OpenEditorFlags flags)
EditorView *view = m_d->m_splitter->findView(editor)->view();
SplitterOrView *splitterOrView = m_d->m_splitter->findView(editor);
EditorView *view = (splitterOrView ? splitterOrView->view() : 0);
// TODO an IEditor doesn't have to belong to a view, which makes this method a bit funny
if (!view)
view = currentEditorView();
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