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\o \l{Introducing Qt Creator}
\o \l{Operating Systems and Supported Platforms} \o \l{Operating Systems and Supported Platforms}
\o \l{Quick Tour} \o \l{Quick Tour}
\o \l{Writing a Simple Program} \o \l{Writing a Simple Program}
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\title Introducing Qt Creator
As an IDE, Qt Creator differs from a text editor in that it knows how to build and run
applications. It understands the code as code, not just as plain text. This allows
it to:
\o Enable you to write well formatted code.
\o Anticipate what you are going to write and complete the code.
\o Display inline error and warning messages.
\o Enable you to semantically navigate to classes, functions, and symbols.
\o Provide you with context-sensitive help on classes, functions, and symbols.
\o Rename symbols in an intelligent way, so that only the symbol belonging to
a particular class is renamed everywhere.
\o Show you the locations in code where a function is declared or called.
\section1 Why Do You Need Projects?
To be able to build and run applications, Qt Creator needs the same
information as a compiler would need. This information is specified in the
project build and run settings.
Creating a project allows you to:
\o Group files together.
\o Add custom build steps.
\o Include forms and resource files.
\o Specify settings for running applications.
You can either create a project from scratch or import an existing
project. Qt Creator generates all the necessary files, depending on the type of
project you create. For example, if you choose to create a graphical user
interface (GUI) application, Qt Creator generates an empty .ui file for you
that you can modify with the integrated Qt Designer.
\contentspage index.html
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\page creator-os-supported-platforms.html \page creator-os-supported-platforms.html
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