Commit ac2fb06b authored by Thomas Hartmann's avatar Thomas Hartmann
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QmlDesigner.propertyEditor: cache panes based on type

Before we cached based on the main qml url - This way we skip setting up
the specific widgets each time we change selection
parent c4e83454
...@@ -445,12 +445,19 @@ void PropertyEditor::resetView() ...@@ -445,12 +445,19 @@ void PropertyEditor::resetView()
if (m_selectedNode.isValid()) if (m_selectedNode.isValid())
qmlSpecificsFile = fileToUrl(locateQmlFile(m_selectedNode.type() + "Specifics.qml")); qmlSpecificsFile = fileToUrl(locateQmlFile(m_selectedNode.type() + "Specifics.qml"));
NodeType *type = m_typeHash.value(qmlFile.toString()); QString typeString("invalid");
if (m_selectedNode.isValid()) {
qmlSpecificsFile = fileToUrl(locateQmlFile(m_selectedNode.type() + "Specifics.qml"));
typeString = m_selectedNode.type();
NodeType *type = m_typeHash.value(typeString);
if (!type) { if (!type) {
type = new NodeType(qmlFile, this); type = new NodeType(qmlFile, this);
m_stackedWidget->addWidget(type->m_view); m_stackedWidget->addWidget(type->m_view);
m_typeHash.insert(qmlFile.toString(), type); m_typeHash.insert(typeString, type);
QmlObjectNode fxObjectNode; QmlObjectNode fxObjectNode;
if (m_selectedNode.isValid()) { if (m_selectedNode.isValid()) {
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