Commit aca8e864 authored by Nikolai Kosjar's avatar Nikolai Kosjar

GLSL: Re-generate parser running ./ to make a subsequent change less noisy.

qlalr in PATH is from Qt 5.9.1.

Change-Id: Ia39181b55cd0e16207fa809f0db92cdeba3b095c
Reviewed-by: Erik Verbruggen's avatarErik Verbruggen <>
parent 75395af8
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#line 215 "./glsl.g"
#line 210 "./glsl.g"
......@@ -114,7 +114,7 @@ private:
inline int consumeToken() {
if (_index < int(_tokens.size()))
return _index++;
return static_cast<int>(_tokens.size()) - 1;
return _tokens.size() - 1;
inline const Token &tokenAt(int index) const {
if (index == 0)
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