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Squish: Update squish mapping file for new versions

I've now provided the stripped down versions of Squish 4.2, so it's
time to update the mapping file as well.

Change-Id: Ie85c9c1a704d5d30a535ff197a5f8897f5259eb1
Reviewed-by: default avatarRobert Loehning <>
parent 18089cea
......@@ -110,12 +110,17 @@ To make the hook-into sub-process really work you have to provide a modified Squ
Steps to set up the Squish directories on Windows:
* get the Squish version you need from
* extract the archive to place of your choice
* go to the bin directory of Squish and remove the following dll's:
* go to the bin directory of Squish and remove the following dll's (Windows-only):
* Qt3Support.dll
* QtCore4.dll
* QtGui4.dll
* QtNetwork4.dll
* QtSql4.dll
* QtXml4.dll
* remove all folders from the Squish root folder except bin, etc, lib and python - and on
Windows you have to keep the VC runtime folder (Microsoft.VC??.CRT)
(if you're using other script languages you have to keep them as well)
* you can remove regular files from Squish root as well
(but it's recommended to keep the buildinfo.txt for later verifications)
You can additionally remove the complete ide folder as well as squishclassicide.exe and squishide.exe (to safe disk space).
......@@ -11,3 +11,15 @@
"4.1" "4.8" "linux-g++" "~/QtSDK/src/creator-test-data/Squish_32"
"4.1" "4.8" "linux-g++-64" "~/QtSDK/src/creator-test-data/Squish_64"
"4.1" "4.8" "macx-g++" "~/QtSDK/src/creator-test-data/Squish_47x"
"4.2" "4.7" "win32-g++" "C:\QtSDK\src\creator-test-data\Squish4.2_MinGW"
"4.2" "4.7" "win32-msvc2008" "C:\QtSDK\src\creator-test-data\Squish4.2_MSVC9"
"4.2" "4.7" "win32-msvc2010" "C:\QtSDK\src\creator-test-data\Squish4.2_MSVC10"
"4.2" "4.7" "linux-g++" "~/QtSDK/src/creator-test-data/Squish4.2_32"
"4.2" "4.7" "linux-g++-64" "~/QtSDK/src/creator-test-data/Squish4.2_64"
"4.2" "4.7" "macx-g++" "~/QtSDK/src/creator-test-data/Squish4.2_Mac"
"4.2" "4.8" "win32-g++" "C:\QtSDK\src\creator-test-data\Squish4.2_MinGW"
"4.2" "4.8" "win32-msvc2008" "C:\QtSDK\src\creator-test-data\Squish4.2_MSVC9"
"4.2" "4.8" "win32-msvc2010" "C:\QtSDK\src\creator-test-data\Squish4.2_MSVC10"
"4.2" "4.8" "linux-g++" "~/QtSDK/src/creator-test-data/Squish4.2_32"
"4.2" "4.8" "linux-g++-64" "~/QtSDK/src/creator-test-data/Squish4.2_64"
"4.2" "4.8" "macx-g++" "~/QtSDK/src/creator-test-data/Squish4.2_Mac"
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