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Doc: sharing project settings

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\title Specifying Dependencies
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\title Sharing Project Settings
\QC stores user-specific project settings in a .pro.user file. You can
share these settings between several projects as a .pro.shared file. It
has the same XML structure as a .pro.user file, but only contains the
settings to share.
\section1 Creating Shared Settings File
The easiest way to create a .pro.shared file is to copy settings from the
.pro.user file. Typically, you would share some of the values in the
\c ProjectExplorer.Project.EditorSettings section.
\note You must always specify the
\c ProjectExplorer.Project.Updater.FileVersion variable and use the same
value for it as in the .pro.user file.
You can then deliver the .pro.shared file to other developers or copy it to
other development PCs.
The following is an example of a pro.shared file:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE QtCreatorProject>
<valuemap type="QVariantMap">
<value type="bool" key="EditorConfiguration.SpacesForTabs">true</value>
<value type="bool" key="EditorConfiguration.AutoSpacesForTabs">false</value>
<value type="int" key="EditorConfiguration.TabSize">14</value>
<value type="int" key="EditorConfiguration.IndentSize">4</value>
<value type="int">10</value>
\section1 Updating Shared Settings
The first time \QC loads the project after you added pro.shared settings,
it overwrites the pro.user settings with them. If you open the project for
the first time and \QC has not created a .pro.user file, the settings in the
.pro.shared file take effect immediately.
If you receive a .pro.shared file and do not want to use a particular
setting in it, you can change it. \QC marks it a \e sticky setting. The next
time you open a project, the setting is not updated. \QC tracks sticky
settings in the .pro.user file and removes the mark if the values in the
pro.user and pro.shared files eventually become identical. This is to avoid
a permanent sticky setting that was created just because you wanted to try
something out.
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\o \l{Specifying Editor Settings}
\o \l{Specifying Code Style Settings}
\o \l{Specifying Dependencies}
\o \l{Sharing Project Settings}
\o \l{Connecting MeeGo Harmattan Devices}
\o \l{Connecting Generic Linux Devices}
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