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......@@ -881,8 +881,18 @@
\i \gui{Stash}
\i Stash local changes prior to executing a \bold{pull}.
\i \gui{Pull}
\i Pull changes from the remote repository. If there are locally
modified files, you will be prompted to stash those changes.
\i \gui{Branches...}
\i Displays the branch dialog showing the local branches at the
top and remote branches at the bottom. To switch to the local
branch, simply double-click on it. Double-clicking on a remote
branch will first create a local branch with the same name that
tracks the remote branch, and then switch to it.
\image qtcreator-vcs-gitbranch.png
......@@ -730,9 +730,7 @@ namespace {
// updateSourceFiles() for files that changed
// It does so by storing a modification time for each ui file we know about.
// TODO this function should also be called if the build configuration changes
// since the build directory could change, and thus the generated files that are present
// TODO check that it works
// TODO this function should also be called if the build directory is changed
void Qt4ProFileNode::updateUiFiles()
// Only those two project types can have ui files for us
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