Commit b4ccdab4 authored by Roberto Raggi's avatar Roberto Raggi
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Removed obsolete code.

parent 6771aafb
......@@ -45,80 +45,6 @@ using namespace QmlJS::Interpreter;
class QmlAttachedKeys: public ObjectValue
static const char **builtinPropertyNames()
static const char *properties[] = {
return properties;
QSet<QString> _generatedSlots;
QmlAttachedKeys(Engine *engine)
: ObjectValue(engine)
for (const char **it = builtinPropertyNames(); *it; ++it) {
QString signalName = QLatin1String(*it);
QString generatedSlot = QLatin1String("on");
generatedSlot +=;
generatedSlot += signalName.midRef(1);
virtual void processMembers(MemberProcessor *processor) const
foreach (const QString &generatedSlot, _generatedSlots)
processor->processSlot(generatedSlot, engine()->undefinedValue());
class MetaFunction: public FunctionValue
QMetaMethod _method;
......@@ -1749,11 +1675,6 @@ void Engine::initializePrototypes()
_globalObject->setProperty("Number", numberCtor());
_globalObject->setProperty("Date", dateCtor());
_globalObject->setProperty("RegExp", regexpCtor());
_qmlKeysObject = new QmlAttachedKeys(this);
_globalObject->setProperty("Keys", _qmlKeysObject); // ### attach it to the current scope, and not to the global object
const ObjectValue *Engine::qmlKeysObject()
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