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Corrections made in the sections Developing Maemo Applications and Keyboard Shortcuts

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......@@ -2609,8 +2609,8 @@
comprises of the Maemo operating system and Maemo SDK. The Maemo SDK
provides an open development environment for different applications on
top of the maemo platform. Maemo 5 is based on the Linux 2.6 operating
system. For more information refer, \l
{Maemo platform}.
system. For more information refer,
\l{}{Maemo platform}.
......@@ -2627,7 +2627,7 @@
\o In order to setup the device IP address, you need to install
PC Connectivity or implement using CLI. For information on PC
Connectivity refer to the link,
{PC Connectivity}.
......@@ -3566,8 +3566,8 @@
\o 1,2 Action
\o 4,1 Version control system
\o {1,2} Action
\o {4,1} Version control system
\o CVS
\o Git
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