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The next step to creating our basic address book application is to allow a
little bit of user interaction.
### \image addressbook-tutorial-part2-add-contact.png
\image addressbook-tutorial-part2-add-contact.png
We will provide a push button that the user can click to add a new contact.
Also, some form of data structure is needed to store these contacts in an
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of the widget. The figure below shows the difference between using the
spacer and not using it.
## image
\image addressbook-tutorial-part2-stretch-effects.png
Select all the objects on the form (use \key{Ctrl+A}) and lay them out in a
grid. Lastly, set the top level widget's layout by right-clicking anywhere
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We connect the push buttons' \l{QAbstractButton::}{clicked()} signal to
their respective slots. The figure below illustrates this.
\image addressbook-tutorial-part2-signals-and-slots.png
Finally, we set the window title to "Simple Address Book" using the
\l{QWidget::}{setWindowTitle()} function.
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