Commit bb13b8d6 authored by Marco Bubke's avatar Marco Bubke Committed by Thomas Hartmann
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QmlDesigner: Fix memory leak because of template magic

Be careful if you use a private smart pointer.

Change-Id: Ia78583b080c8d936d98517c55d3294d3040f8cdb
Reviewed-by: default avatarThomas Hartmann <>
parent 7107fd15
......@@ -152,6 +152,21 @@ ResizeController::ResizeController(LayerItem *layerItem, FormEditorItem *formEdi
ResizeController::ResizeController(const ResizeController &other)
: m_data(other.m_data)
ResizeController &ResizeController::operator =(const ResizeController &other)
m_data = other.m_data;
bool ResizeController::isValid() const
......@@ -49,6 +49,10 @@ public:
ResizeController(LayerItem *layerItem, FormEditorItem *formEditorItem);
ResizeController(const ResizeController &resizeController);
ResizeController& operator=(const ResizeController &other);
void show();
void hide();
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