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Doc: new diff editor buttons

For reloading changed files and viewing changes in a
unified view.

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......@@ -51,6 +51,15 @@
indicates lines that contain added text (painted a darker green) in the
right pane.
To view the differences in a unified view where changed rows are placed
below each other, select
\inlineimage qtcreator-switchto-unified-diffeditor.png
(\gui {Switch to Unified Diff Editor}).
To switch back to the side-by-side view, select
\inlineimage qtcreator-switchto-sidebyside-diffeditor.png
(\gui {Switch to Side by Side Diff Editor}).
To change the default colors, select \gui Tools > \gui Options >
\gui {Text Editor} > \gui {Font & Colors}. Create your own color scheme and
select new colors for the following options:
......@@ -86,4 +95,8 @@
synchronized. To use them independently of each other, select the
\inlineimage qtcreator-synchronizefocus.png
(\gui {Synchronize Horizontal Scroll Bars}) button.
If the files change outside \QC, select
\inlineimage qtcreator-regenerate-index.png
(\gui {Reload Editor}) to compare them again and to show the results.
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