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Doc: Adjust to the removal of support for non-python gdb builds

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\li Mac OS X
\li GCC, Clang
\li Apple GDB, FSF GDB (experimental), LLDB
\li LLDB, FSF GDB (experimental)
\li Windows/MinGW
\li GCC
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\section2 Supported GDB Versions
GDB comes in two varieties with common roots.
One is used on Mac OS X and does not support Python as scripting language.
The minimal supported versions in is GDB 6.3.50-20050815, build 1469.
The second is maintained by the Free Software Foundation, and can
use Python as scripting language. The minimal supported version
in this case is FSF GDB 7.4.1, using Python version 2.6 or 2.7.
Note that Python 3.x is not supported by GDB.
The Python enabled versions are very convenient to interface,
and much of \QC's advanced data display options depend on the
availability of Python scripting. Since Python enabled versions
of GDB are bundled with all recent Linux versions, active
support for non-Python builds has been dropped for platforms
other than Mac OS X.
The non-Python versions use the compiled version of the debugging
helpers, that you must enable separately. For more information, see
\l{Debugging Helpers Based on C++}.
The Python version uses a script version of the debugging helpers
that does not need any special setup.
FSF GDB can also be compiled for Mac OS, but the build is currently
unstable, and thererefore, this is not recommended.
Starting with version 3.1, \QC requires the Python scripting
extension. GDB builds without Python scripting are not supported
anymore and will not work. The minimal supported version is GDB 7.4.1,
using Python version 2.6, 2.7, or 3.x.
\section2 Supported CDB Versions
The CDB native debugger has similar functionality to the non-Python GDB
debugger engine. Specifically, it also uses compiled C++ code for the
debugging helper library.
All versions of CDB targeting platforms supported by Qt
are supported by \QC.
\section2 Supported LLDB Versions
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You can use the LLDB version delivered with Xcode, but we recommend that you
build it from sources using Xcode. The minimal supported version is LLDB
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\li Notes
\li GDB
\li On Linux and Windows, use the Python-enabled GDB versions that
are installed when you install \QC and Qt SDK. On Mac OS X,
use the GDB provided with Xcode.
You can also build your own Python-enabled GDB. Follow the instructions in
\li On Windows, use the Python-enabled GDB versions that
is bundled with the Qt package or comes with recent
versions of MinGW. On most Linux distributions the GDB
builds shipped with the system are sufficient. You can
also build your own. Follow the instructions in
{Building GDB}.
Builds of GDB shipped with Xcode on Mac OS X are no longer
\li Debugging tools for Windows
\li To use this engine, you must install the
\li To use the CDB debugger, you must install the
\e{Debugging tools for Windows}. You can download them from
{Download and Install Debugging Tools for Windows}.
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