Commit bcaa2556 authored by dt's avatar dt
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Fix dynamic ui code completion on windows.

I need to test more cases, but this fixes it for newly created projects.
parent 2ec33349
......@@ -1073,8 +1073,9 @@ void Qt4ProFileNode::createUiCodeModelSupport()
uiDir = tmp.first();
foreach (FileNode *uiFile, uiFiles) {
const QString uiHeaderFilePath
QString uiHeaderFilePath
= QString("%1/ui_%2.h").arg(uiDir, QFileInfo(uiFile->path()).completeBaseName());
uiHeaderFilePath = QDir::cleanPath(uiHeaderFilePath);
// qDebug()<<"code model support for "<<uiFile->path()<<" "<<uiHeaderFilePath;
QMap<QString, Qt4UiCodeModelSupport *>::iterator it = oldCodeModelSupport.find(uiFile->path());
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