Commit bcb3bb0f authored by Leandro Melo's avatar Leandro Melo
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Allow the user to save as files with different extensions.

There is still an open issue in this fix since the new extension might be of a different mime type (and our editors are attached to it currently).
More details documented in the code.

Task-number: QTCREATORBUG-2094
Reviewed-by: Thorbjorn Lindeijer
parent f7b555b7
......@@ -246,6 +246,8 @@ const char * const SETTINGS_CATEGORY_CORE_ICON = ":/core/images/
const char * const SETTINGS_TR_CATEGORY_CORE = QT_TRANSLATE_NOOP("Core", "Environment");
const char * const SETTINGS_ID_ENVIRONMENT = "A.General";
const char * const ALL_FILES_FILTER = QT_TRANSLATE_NOOP("Core", "All Files (*)");
const int TARGET_ICON_SIZE = 32;
} // namespace Constants
......@@ -264,8 +264,7 @@ void ShortcutSettings::exportAction()
QString fileName = ICore::instance()->fileManager()->getSaveFileNameWithExtension(
tr("Export Keyboard Mapping Scheme"),
ICore::instance()->resourcePath() + "/schemes/",
tr("Keyboard Mapping Scheme (*.kms)"),
tr("Keyboard Mapping Scheme (*.kms)"));
if (!fileName.isEmpty()) {
CommandsFile cf(fileName);
......@@ -77,6 +77,8 @@
#include <QtGui/QSplitter>
#include <QtGui/QStackedLayout>
#include <algorithm>
enum { debugEditorManager=0 };
......@@ -208,9 +210,6 @@ struct EditorManagerPrivate {
QMap<QString, QVariant> m_editorStates;
Internal::OpenEditorsViewFactory *m_openEditorsFactory;
QString fileFilters;
QString selectedFilter;
OpenEditorsModel *m_editorModel;
QString m_externalEditor;
......@@ -1152,33 +1151,28 @@ QString EditorManager::getOpenWithEditorId(const QString &fileName,
return selectedId;
static QString formatFileFilters(const Core::ICore *core, QString *selectedFilter)
static QString formatFileFilters(const Core::ICore *core, QString *selectedFilter = 0)
QString rc;
if (selectedFilter)
// Compile list of filter strings
// Compile list of filter strings, sort, and remove duplicates (different mime types might
// generate the same filter).
QStringList filters = core->mimeDatabase()->filterStrings();
if (filters.empty())
return rc;
return QString();
filters.erase(std::unique(filters.begin(), filters.end()), filters.end());
const QString filterSeparator = QLatin1String(";;");
foreach (const QString &filterString, filters) {
if (!rc.isEmpty())
rc += filterSeparator;
rc += filterString;
static const QString allFilesFilter =
QCoreApplication::translate("Core", Constants::ALL_FILES_FILTER);
if (selectedFilter)
*selectedFilter = allFilesFilter;
// prepend all files filter
// prepending instead of appending to work around a bug in Qt/Mac
QString allFilesFilter = EditorManager::tr("All Files (*)");
if (!rc.isEmpty())
allFilesFilter += filterSeparator;
*selectedFilter = allFilesFilter;
// Prepend all files filter (instead of appending to work around a bug in Qt/Mac).
return rc;
return filters.join(QLatin1String(";;"));
IEditor *EditorManager::openEditor(const QString &fileName, const QString &editorId,
......@@ -1244,10 +1238,10 @@ bool EditorManager::openExternalEditor(const QString &fileName, const QString &e
QStringList EditorManager::getOpenFileNames() const
if (m_d->fileFilters.isEmpty())
m_d->fileFilters = formatFileFilters(m_d->m_core, &m_d->selectedFilter);
return ICore::instance()->fileManager()->getOpenFileNames(m_d->fileFilters,
QString(), &m_d->selectedFilter);
QString selectedFilter;
const QString &fileFilters = formatFileFilters(m_d->m_core, &selectedFilter);
return ICore::instance()->fileManager()->getOpenFileNames(fileFilters,
QString(), &selectedFilter);
......@@ -1475,23 +1469,35 @@ bool EditorManager::saveFileAs(IEditor *editor)
if (!editor)
return false;
QString absoluteFilePath = m_d->m_core->fileManager()->getSaveAsFileName(editor->file());
IFile *file = editor->file();
const QString &filter = formatFileFilters(m_d->m_core);
QString selectedFilter =
const QString &absoluteFilePath =
m_d->m_core->fileManager()->getSaveAsFileName(file, filter, &selectedFilter);
if (absoluteFilePath.isEmpty())
return false;
if (absoluteFilePath != editor->file()->fileName()) {
if (absoluteFilePath != file->fileName()) {
const QList<IEditor *> existList = editorsForFileName(absoluteFilePath);
if (!existList.isEmpty()) {
closeEditors(existList, false);
const bool success = editor->file()->save(absoluteFilePath);
const bool success = file->save(absoluteFilePath);
// @todo: There is an issue to be treated here. The new file might be of a different mime
// type than the original and thus require a different editor. An alternative strategy
// would be to close the current editor and open a new appropriate one, but this is not
// a good way out either (also the undo stack would be lost). Perhaps the best is to
// re-think part of the editors design.
if (success && !editor->isTemporary())
return success;
......@@ -37,6 +37,7 @@
#include "mimedatabase.h"
#include "saveitemsdialog.h"
#include "vcsmanager.h"
#include "coreconstants.h"
#include <utils/qtcassert.h>
#include <utils/pathchooser.h>
......@@ -689,22 +690,45 @@ QList<IFile *> FileManager::saveModifiedFiles(const QList<IFile *> &files,
return notSaved;
QString FileManager::getSaveFileNameWithExtension(const QString &title, const QString &pathIn,
const QString &fileFilter, const QString &extension)
QString FileManager::getSaveFileName(const QString &title, const QString &pathIn,
const QString &filter, QString *selectedFilter)
const QString &path = pathIn.isEmpty() ? fileDialogInitialDirectory() : pathIn;
QString fileName;
bool repeat;
do {
repeat = false;
const QString path = pathIn.isEmpty() ? fileDialogInitialDirectory() : pathIn;
fileName = QFileDialog::getSaveFileName(d->m_mainWindow, title, path, fileFilter);
if (!fileName.isEmpty() && !extension.isEmpty() && !fileName.endsWith(extension)) {
fileName = QFileDialog::getSaveFileName(
d->m_mainWindow, title, path, filter, selectedFilter, QFileDialog::DontConfirmOverwrite);
if (!fileName.isEmpty()) {
// If the selected filter is All Files (*) we leave the name exactly as the user
// specified. Otherwise the suffix must be one available in the selected filter. If
// the name already ends with such suffix nothing needs to be done. But if not, the
// first one from the filter is appended.
if (selectedFilter && *selectedFilter != QCoreApplication::translate(
"Core", Constants::ALL_FILES_FILTER)) {
// Mime database creates filter strings like this: Anything here (*.foo *.bar)
QRegExp regExp(".*\\s+\\((.*)\\)$");
const int index = regExp.lastIndexIn(*selectedFilter);
bool suffixOk = false;
if (index != -1) {
const QStringList &suffixes = regExp.cap(1).remove('*').split(' ');
foreach (const QString &suffix, suffixes)
if (fileName.endsWith(suffix)) {
suffixOk = true;
if (!suffixOk && !suffixes.isEmpty())
if (QFile::exists(fileName)) {
if (QMessageBox::warning(d->m_mainWindow, tr("Overwrite?"),
tr("An item named '%1' already exists at this location. Do you want to overwrite it?").arg(fileName),
QMessageBox::Yes | QMessageBox::No) == QMessageBox::No)
tr("An item named '%1' already exists at this location. "
"Do you want to overwrite it?").arg(fileName),
QMessageBox::Yes | QMessageBox::No) == QMessageBox::No) {
repeat = true;
} while (repeat);
......@@ -713,12 +737,19 @@ QString FileManager::getSaveFileNameWithExtension(const QString &title, const QS
return fileName;
QString FileManager::getSaveFileNameWithExtension(const QString &title, const QString &pathIn,
const QString &filter)
QString selected = filter;
return getSaveFileName(title, pathIn, filter, &selected);
\fn QString FileManager::getSaveAsFileName(IFile *file)
Asks the user for a new file name (Save File As) for /arg file.
QString FileManager::getSaveAsFileName(IFile *file)
QString FileManager::getSaveAsFileName(IFile *file, const QString &filter, QString *selectedFilter)
if (!file)
return QLatin1String("");
......@@ -732,17 +763,20 @@ QString FileManager::getSaveAsFileName(IFile *file)
if (!defaultPath.isEmpty())
path = defaultPath;
QString filterString;
QString preferredSuffix;
if (const MimeType mt = Core::ICore::instance()->mimeDatabase()->findByFile(fi)) {
filterString = mt.filterString();
preferredSuffix = mt.preferredSuffix();
if (filter.isEmpty()) {
if (const MimeType &mt = Core::ICore::instance()->mimeDatabase()->findByFile(fi))
filterString = mt.filterString();
selectedFilter = &filterString;
} else {
filterString = filter;
absoluteFilePath = getSaveFileNameWithExtension(tr("Save File As"),
absoluteFilePath = getSaveFileName(tr("Save File As"),
path + QDir::separator() + fileName,
return absoluteFilePath;
......@@ -87,10 +87,12 @@ public:
QStringList getOpenFileNames(const QString &filters,
const QString path = QString(),
QString *selectedFilter = 0);
QString getSaveFileNameWithExtension(const QString &title, const QString &path,
const QString &fileFilter, const QString &extension);
QString getSaveAsFileName(IFile *file);
QString getSaveFileName(const QString &title, const QString &pathIn,
const QString &filter = QString(), QString *selectedFilter = 0);
QString getSaveFileNameWithExtension(const QString &title, const QString &pathIn,
const QString &filter);
QString getSaveAsFileName(IFile *file, const QString &filter = QString(),
QString *selectedFilter = 0);
QList<IFile *> saveModifiedFilesSilently(const QList<IFile *> &files);
QList<IFile *> saveModifiedFiles(const QList<IFile *> &files,
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