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Debugger: Add a README on how to handle the dumper auto tests

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The important test here is tst_dumpers.
The same build can be used to check the dumpers under different
conditions by using environment variables as follows:
QTC_QMAKE_PATH_FOR_TEST - path to a Qt version
QTC_USE_GLIBCXXDEBUG_FOR_TEST - (0/1) to switch between GCC's
"normal" standard library, and the "debug" version
(this will add DEFINES += _GLIBCXX_DEBUG) to the .pro
(QTC_MSVC_ENV_BAT - to set up MSVC)
The tests should be used for automated testing, but can also
be used for dumper development and fixing.
Combinations that should always succeed are:
GDB (>=7.4), Linux (32/64), Python (2/3), Qt (4/5) - debug.
Partially work should:
Qt (4/5) - release
LLDB (Mac)
By default, only successful tests are cleaned up (use
QTC_KEEP_TEMP_FOR_TEST to override).
Failing tests leave a qt_tst_dumpers_XXXXXX directory behind,
with a '' which can be directly opened in Creator.
There's always a 'main.cpp' file, containing at least one
call to a function 'breakHere()'. Put a break point there,
and hit F5.
The file 'input.txt' contains the commands sent to GDB
in case something needs to be examined with the CLI debugger.
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