Commit c0d4770c authored by dt's avatar dt
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Even more compile fixes.

parent 3bd1b84c
......@@ -118,9 +118,6 @@ void Qt4Manager::init()
connect(Core::EditorManager::instance(), SIGNAL(currentEditorChanged(Core::IEditor*)),
this, SLOT(editorChanged(Core::IEditor*)));
foreach(Core::IEditor *editor, Core::EditorManager::instance()->openedEditors())
void Qt4Manager::editorChanged(Core::IEditor *editor)
......@@ -97,7 +97,6 @@ public slots:
void runQMakeContextMenu();
private slots:
void editorOpened(Core::IEditor *editor);
void editorAboutToClose(Core::IEditor *editor);
void uiEditorContentsChanged();
void editorChanged(Core::IEditor*);
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