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Doc: opening the editor in a new window

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\section1 Splitting the Editor View
Split the editor view when you want to work on and view multiple files on
the same screen.
Split the editor view or open the editor in a new window when you want to
work on and view multiple files on the same screen or on multiple screens.
\image qtcreator-spliteditorview.png
You can split the editor view in the following ways:
You can view multiple files simultaneously in the following ways:
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Side by side split command creates views to the right of the
currently active editor view.
\li To open the editor in a detached window, press \key{Ctrl+E, 4}, or
select \gui Window > \gui {Open in New Window}.
The new window behaves basically in the same way as the editor area
in the main window. For example, you can split this window, as well.
Documents are opened in the currently active editor window.
To move between split views, select \gui Window > \gui{Go to Next Split} or
press \key{Ctrl+E, O}.
To move between split views and detached editor windows, select \gui Window
> \gui{Go to Next Split or Window} or press \key{Ctrl+E, O}.
To remove a split view, place the cursor within the view you want to
remove and select \gui Window > \gui{Remove Current Split}, press
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