Commit c29c48ea authored by Daniel Teske's avatar Daniel Teske
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BuildManager: Fix crash in progressTextChanged()

If we receive that signal after we've already finished, we might no
longer have a m_progressFutureInterface.

Task-number: QTCREATORBUG-11873
Change-Id: I19c48376a0fd0bf05aa6827fb8aae2f7a5f3151e
Reviewed-by: default avatarDaniel Teske <>
parent 5c912059
......@@ -428,6 +428,8 @@ void BuildManager::progressChanged()
void BuildManager::progressTextChanged()
if (!d->m_progressFutureInterface)
int range = d->m_watcher.progressMaximum() - d->m_watcher.progressMinimum();
int percent = 0;
if (range != 0)
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